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The Bicycle Shop (H.K.) Membership Programme

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**Please read the terms and conditions before applying the membership programme.

Terms and Conditions

The Bicycle Shop H.K. provides services in accordance with this terms and conditions. After members complete membership registration process, it indicates that members have read, understood and agreed to accept all the terms and conditions of this service and fully accept existing and future derived services and contents of this service. The Bicycle Shop H.K. has the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of this service at any time. The amended terms and conditions of this service shall be published on the internet. The Bicycle Shop H.K. will not individually inform each member about any change of the service terms.If a member continues to use this service after any amendment or change of the terms and conditions, it is considered that the member has read, understood and agreed to accept such amendment or change. If a member does not agree with the aforesaid amendment or change to the terms and conditions of this service or does not accept any of the terms and conditions of this service, the member should immediately stop using this service.



1.     Customers are qualified to register as our members on any single net spending of HK$1000 or more at The Bicycle Shop H.K. or on our web store. Please keep your purchase invoice and send email to: for membership application.

2.     We will provide online application form to you once received your request. After you completed and submitted the application form, we will complete your application within 7 working days.

3.     Each member shall provide accurate, update and complete information. If a member provides any incomplete or false information,fails to provide information by following instructions or does not provide necessary information, The Bicycle Shop H.K. has the right to suspend or terminate the member’s account and any service related to this member ship programme without notification.

4.     After successful registration, we will eitherpost the membership card to your provided postal address or let you pick up atThe Bicycle Shop (H.K.) at Sheung Shui (need to verify with your ID document)based on your selection in the membership application form.

5.     Each member is only allowed to have one membership and shall register one account only.

6.     Member is under duty to maintain andupdate their personal information in order to ensure its accuracy andcompleteness.

7.     This membership programme is applicable tocustomers who are 18 years of age or above. If customer is under 18 years ofage, customer shall not use this services unless customer has legal parental orguardian consent to accept these terms and conditions and are fully able toabide by them.

8.     Membership effective period counted base on calendar year, which is from 1stJanuary to 31st December. A membership effective period is the endof the second calendar year. For example, if your membership application on September28, 2017, your membership effective period is till 31st December2018. In your membership effective period, once your accumulatedactual purchase reach HK$1000, your membership will be automatically retainedand renewed another two calendar years. (All purchase within current membershipeffective period may only retain and renew the following next membershipperiod.) Once the membership is expired, any bonus point remaining will beforfeited.

9.     TheBicycle Shop H.K. reserves the right to reject any membership application.


MemberSpecial Offers, Bonus Point, Birthday Privilege and Member Activities


Duringthe membership period, member can enjoy the below offers:


Member Special Offers

1.     Member can enjoy 10% off for the purchasein The Bicycle Shop H.K. with the membership card. You can also entitle thesame special offer on our web store( you enter their personal phonenumber as promotion code.


Bonus Point

1.     With the valid membership card, memberwill gain 1 bonus point for every net HKD$1 spending. For the purchase on ourweb store (,member can enter the personal phonenumber as promotion code and entitle the same special offer onour website. Bonus point will be input into member’s account within 7 workingdays.

2.     For the purchase with coupons or discounts,those discounted amount will not be calculated into the bonus point. All bonuspoint will only be calculated based on the actual net spending.

3.     Bonus point will be valid for 24 months orwithin the membership effective period (whichever is shorter) and will be forfeited once the membership isexpired. Bonus point is personal and is not transferable norassignable to the others.

4.     Bonus point can be redeemed for:

                           i.               Selected items, or

                         ii.               Cash Discounts (Every 100 bonus points canbe redeemed for HKD$1 in a purchase.)

5.     Bonus point cannot be redeemed for anycash

6.     Members must present a valid membershipcard if you would like to enjoy member discounts.

7.     If you are entitled to a refund inrelation to any goods or services purchased by using bonus points (whether inpartial or full settlement for the purchase); for any return of the redeemedproduct which is accepted by us, relevant adjustments will be made to the bonuspoints in your membership account.

8.     Should any disputes arise, the decision ofThe Bicycle Shop H.K. shall be final.


Birthday Privilege

1.     Member will receive a selected item as a birthdaygift in the birthday month by coming to The Bicycle Shop H.K. in person andpresenting the valid membership card. Member can also enjoy a one-off extra 5%off discounts for any purchase during the month. (Not applicable to the web store.)


Member Activities

1.     The Bicycle Shop H.K. will have regularcycling activities. Members can enjoy special discounts for the activities.

2.     In the activities, member shall presenttheir membership card and ID card to verify the identity at the gatheringpoint.

3.     If theapplications exceed the quota, the quota will be allocated in the form ofballoting or any appropriate methods decided by us, and a confirmation emailwill be sent to all selected participants. If member does not receive our confirmationemail within 5 working days after application deadline, it means theapplication is fail and no notice will be made.

4.     If there is any cancellation need to bemade by member after successful enrollment, member need to send an email tobelow email address: support@bicycleshophk.comand inform us such arrangement at least two days in advance. Ifmember is absent without any prior email notice with at least two days inadvance, we reserve the right to claim the remaining charge for the activities.

5.     The participants who attend the memberactivities must be the same person with the application form, or we willreserve the right to reject the participants for the activities.

6.     We are not liable for any personal injuryor property damage which may arise from these activities or related to these activities.We highly recommend any participants to acquire their own insurance planaccording to their needs.

7.     In exceptional circumstances beyond thecontrol of The Bicycle Shop H.K., including but not limit to the event of anAct of God, war, riot, civil commotion, acts of terrorism, compliance with anylaw or government order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, adverseweather, strikes, hostilities, etc., we reserve the right, before or afterdeparture, to cancel/replace or to shorten/lengthen the activities withoutprior notice.

8.     Special attention should be paid to theweather forecasts. Member activities will be cancelled if Amber/Red/Blackrainstorm will be issued, or a tropical cyclone signal will be hoisted or isstill effective 2 hours before the activities.

LostMembership card

1.     If you lose your membership card, youshould notify us immediately by sendingemail to: to report for membership card lost..We shall not be responsible for any loss (including bonus points) suffered byyou in relation to your lost card.

2.     We will charge HKD$50 administration feefor a replacement card.

3.     We will transfer the remaining bonuspoints to your new card according to our system record solely.



Membersmay terminate their membership by sendingemail to: support@bicycleshophk.comregarding membership termination request and returning your membership card toour local store (The Bicycle Shop H.K., G/F, 27 SanFung Avenue, Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong). Anyoutstanding Bonus Points will be forfeited, your membership will be terminated.


Lawand Regulations

Aboveterms and conditions comply fully with Hong Kong SAR law and regulations.


PrivacyPolicy Statement

1.     We collect your Personal Data when youregister as a member or user of our services on the website and/or otherchannels. If you failed to supply such personal data required, we may be unableto provide the services to you.

2.     In relation to the collection, use,retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access of personal information, thoseare all made in compliance with and in accordance with the Personal Data(Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

3.     All the personal information provided byyou to us and all information relating to your membership with us may be usedand retained by us for all or any of the following purposes:

                           i.               processing your application formembership;

                         ii.               providing you with the services under ourmembership program;

                       iii.               management, operation and maintenance ofour membership program;

                       iv.               providing you with specially selectedoffers, promotions and benefits by us and/or any member of The Bicycle ShopH.K., and designingnew or improving existing goods and/or premiums and/or services provided by usand/or any member of us;

                         v.               statistical analysis and/or research inrelation to marketing of goods and/or premiums and/or services by us and/or anymember of us;

                       vi.               investigation of complaints or suspicioustransactions;

                     vii.               prevention or detection of crime;

                   viii.               disclosure as required by applicable lawsand/or rules;

4.     With your consent or indication of noobjection, we will use your Personal Data for direct marketing to you inrelation to offers and promotions from:

                           i.               us, our Affiliates and/or ourSubsidiaries;

                         ii.               third party merchants that we cooperatewith to provide benefits to you in relation to the following types of productsor services:

                       iii.               Please note that we cannot use yourpersonal data unless we have received your consent.

5.     You have the right to:

                           i.               check whether we hold any of your personaldata;

                         ii.               access your personal data held by us;

                       iii.               require us to correct any personal datawhich is inaccurate;

                       iv.               ascertain our policies and practices (fromtime to time) in relation to personal data and the type of personal data heldby us;

                         v.               opt out from receiving direct marketingmaterials from us at any time.

                       vi.               Any request in relation to the above shallbe in writing (sent by post or email) and address to: The Bicycle Shop H.K.. G/F, 27San Fung Avenue, Sheung Shui, N.T. or bysending email to support@bicycleshophk.comfor these request.

6.     In accordance with the Ordinance, we havethe right to charge you a reasonable fee for processing any personal dataaccess request, which is HK$50per time.


Noticeon Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

1.     The rewards items redeemed by member mayor may not be in merchantable quality or meet member's expectations in any way.Neither does The Bicycle Shop H.K. make any warranty or representation or replacement as tothe merchantability, suitability of the reward for the member's purposes orfitness for use of the Reward redeemed by the Member.

2.     You agree that no data transmission overthe Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. Whilst we strive to protectsuch information, we do not warrant and cannot ensure the security of anyinformation which you transmit to us. Any information which you transmit to usis transmitted at your own risk.

3.     None of The Bicycle Shop H.K. or anyinformation provider warrants or represents that the online services and theinformation are free from virus or other destructive features which mayadversely affect the member's hardware, software or equipment.

4.     Any material downloaded or otherwiseobtained through the Internet is done at member's own discretion and risk andthat member will be solely responsible for any damage to member's computersystem or loss of data resulting from such download.

5.     In case of any dispute arising from theprogramme, the decision of The Bicycle Shop H.K. shall be final.



1.     As this Scheme operates through systemswhich rely on communication networks, electricity networks, etc., which may bebeyond our control, we cannot always ensure that this scheme operates at alltimes. However, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our systemsupports the operations in connection with this scheme.

2.     Bonus points or any kind of targetedoffers, special offers and benefit are personal to an individual member andcannot be transferred. You should not transfer your membership's benefits toany other person.

3.     We may, from time to time, communicatewith you about membership news and product information.

4.     If we are going to terminate thisprogramme, we shall give you at least one month notice on The Bicycle Shop

5.     Without prejudice to our other rights atlaw or otherwise, we reserve the right to terminate your user registration andaccount without reference to you and/or deny you access to our service if webelieve that you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

6.     You must not tamper with the data recordedin your membership card or membership account in any way, which may be acriminal offence. We will not honour transactions and any benefits, includingbonus points if your membership card/account has been tampered with. We havethe right to claim and recover reasonable costs, expenses, losses and damagessuffered or incurred by us or our partners because of your altering orinterfering, or allowing a third party to alter or interfere, with the data inyour membership card/account.

7.     If you feel or suspect any misappropriatedor unauthorized use of your account, you must notify us immediately by sending email to for suchissue. The Bicycle Shop H.K. shall not be responsible for any loss suffered byyou in relation to any unauthorized use of your account.